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Online Painting courses

To be able to paint with acrylics, you’ve got to get to know them  first.

Do you want help to learn how to paint your own paintings with acrylic paint? Here on Onlinemalerskolen we can teach you!

Scroll down the page, and you’ll find all our online painting courses, but here is a bit of information before you get started.

Down the page you’ll find all the different online painting courses I have to offer. You can also find them on other pages, but here you can buy them separately.
With these courses you can learn how to paint with acrylics through online instruction videos. There are different difficulty levels and different kinds of painting styles. And you are free to choose between the courses that you find interesting, and the ones that fit your level.
We’ve got lots of educational videos, all with techniques on how to paint with acrylics in different styles and all with different difficulty levels.
In the courses I share all my tips and trick with you – and believe me, I’ve got a lot to share!
All my knowledge and experiences on painting with acrylics are what I will share with you in my online video courses. I have been painting for a lot of years, and done a great deal of teaching too.

  • Do you want to learn how to paint with acrylics?
  • Would you like to be guided through paintings, thus getting better at painting with acrylics?
  • Are you having trouble getting started with the blank canvas, and are all your brushes and paint just collecting dust in the corner?
  • Are you missing inspiration on how to make beautiful and exciting effects in your paintings?
  • Would you like to take classes that you can schedule however you like?

If any of these sentences apply to you, my online courses in painting with acrylic might be to your taste.
With my step-by-step painting courses, you will soon advance in the art of painting with acrylics – and you will have support all the way.
All of my videos are filled with tips and tricks on how to make the type of painting that is shown in the thumbnail of the video. And if you watch the videos in the intended order, you will find yourself advancing in level.
When you buy an online video course from Onlinemalerskolen, it will become available for you to download and keep for as long as you want, and you can watch them over and over on your computer.
We keep producing new videos and new online painting courses which will be put up on the website gradually. You can find an overview of our available courses in the menu on the right.
I hope you will enjoy my videos! If you have any questions, feel free to write me an e-mail at

I am looking forward to help you with your paintings. See you soon?

Best regards

Majbrit Bartholdy

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