Background with smooth transitions

How to paint with acrylics –

techniques for soft transitions.

This is an online painting course where you can learn how to use different techniques to create nice fading transitions in your painting.

The background of a painting is just as important as the foreground/motive, as the background is what should be “carrying” the foreground, sort of speak.

And sometimes it needs to just be there without being dominating. If that is the case, we’d like to create a fuzzy, soft background with a gliding transition.

But creating the gliding transitions can be hard if you don’t know the technique behind it.

And, as it is the case with many other things, if you know how to do something it is easy enough.

On the other hand, if you don’t know-how, it can cause you so many problems that you’ll want to give up in the end. But that isn’t going to be an issue for you, because;

In our online painting course “How to paint with acrylics – techniques for soft transitions” we will demonstrate for you how to make soft transitions in your painting easily. The materials and choice of colour is specifically chosen for this painting, but you can choose whatever colours, light or dark or both, that you want and use the same techniques with them.

You’ll be guided all the way through and will end up with a nice background that you can use with whatever foreground you’d like. The background can be used for a lot of different motives.

The background you’ll learn how to paint is originally made for the painting in our course “Painting apple blooms” so if you have already bought that one you’ve got this part already.

Many people tell me that they find it hard to “start-up” a painting. This is why I’ve chosen to make a course specifically focused on the background.

The technique shown in this video can be used for every part of a painting where you need a soft transition between colours and/or gradients. Many motives can be created with this technique, so it is a good basic knowledge to have. In the course, will be using acrylic paint which makes it possible to create multiple layers in your painting.

“How to paint with acrylics – techniques for soft transitions” is a great course if you want to learn how to create a nice background.

The video will be available for download shortly after purchase.

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