Light & Shadow

Light & shadow in the painting

Teknikker i malerietAdd light and shadow in your painting – learn painting techniques with acrylic paint light and shade still image.

It is good to know about painting techniques with acrylic paint.

Imagine there were no shadows! Imagine that there was no light! – It is something that has been here all your life and it’s not something you really go and think so much.It’s just something that is there and when it’s not there, you could see that something is wrong.

And it is exactly the same in the absence of the one or the other in a painting. We can see that something is wrong.

Or, if shadows are loaded incorrectly in a painting so we can also see that there is something wrong – maybe we can not see what is wrong – just that there is something wrong.

Therefore it is important to know something about how light and shade must be positioned relative to each other in the painting and that is what this film will lead you into – namely in the light and shadows the world and shows you how to use these in your painting .

The light and thus the shadows are a law of nature and it is important to have knowledge about this phenomenon in our work with the painting.

I’ll show you in the movie, a review of the different things that provide shade in different ways and in addition you will see me put shadow on some very naive drawings are then given life and makes sense when the shadows are loaded correctly. These drawings are made for a øveark that accompanies and is good to work with, so you get better at placing light and shadow in your painting.

+ Practice sheets for downloading

Bye the movie here for only 99kr.   =  14,94 $


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