Paint Cubism

Paint Cubism.

To paint Cubism is also possible that the online painting school.

There is in this genre many opportunities for fun and fantasy-filled paintings, which can be reinforcing it by modifying from small paintings to huge, continuing “story” on several canvases.

In this educational film, everyone can join in and you fed “into the” Cubism, via a small intro movie that tells you a little about where the genre was and what artists are known for just this style. It is always interesting to know a little about the background of the style when you want to work with it.

For eksembel as Asger Jorn and Pablo Picasso both also worked but cubism, perhaps with a slightly different expression, but they are some of the pioneers of cubism. And there are many other well-known artists who worked precisely with this genre.

In addition, you get to learn how to start and how to step by step work through painting.

It’s great fun to work on cubism, to spark your creativity and develop you into an exciting art direction.

There are many possibilities in this genre and there can be a lot of fun motifs of this type of painting and here is a way to do it, as if it speaks to you clearly an educational film you should have.

Mal in acrylic a Cubist painting is for people who want to get creative and let things come to you in your creative process.

Film Duration approximately 40 min. in 3 short films.

The film can be downloaded immediately after purchase.

Price only 299kr.    It`s  about 42,8 $ – or 40,2 Euro – or 34,7 £

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