Learn to paint

Paint Daisies

Paint Daisies.

Learn to paint

Learn to paint Daisies and be familiar with Acrylic paint techniques …

– An educational film where you step by step guides through:
– An acrylic painting

– A background actually can stand alone (on the way there are really two paintings in one)

– Flowers, buds, straw – light and shadow, etc.

– Color Blends for just that painting.

– There are shared out of tricks and scams during the process.

– The film is divided into smaller film, so it’s easy to fast forward and rewind, if an ex. you need to see a color blend again.

– Film Duration approximately 72 minutes spread over 7 small films.

– Suitable for all who will be guided and plunge through,

the process is to paint paintings.

Then you will learn to paint a unique painting of daisies and all acrylic painting techniques used in this particular painting, is it just to get started. And it can be all be going in a minute about 5 min. from now.

Jump into it and enjoy while it’s on and thousands of hours after you’ve painted it.

Price only 299kr.   It`s  about 42,8 $ – or 40,2 Euro – or 34,7 £


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