Paint Iris flowers.

Paint Iris flowers.

Learning painting

Learn to paint the Iris

A super start movies for you who are not so trained yet.
In this training you will be drawn slightly into expressionism and work with complementary colours.

It sounds dangerous fine, but really it is just a genre, a style direction or an art direction if you will.

This style is all about bright colours and expression that comes from within.

In the words of Wikipedia:

When the exterior is coloured by the interior, it will be animated and distorted.

And that’s exactly what it’s about when you paint in this genre.

Strong colours, expressed through your interpretation of the way gives the painting a touch of you.

Learn to paint a painting in acrylic.

– Iris in complementary Learn painting – Iris in complementary, is an educational film,

where you are guided through the processes in this painting from start to finish.

You will learn how to build the painting and starting with a background that easily can be used

for many other motives. And it’s always good to be able to paint good backgrounds that can be used again and again.

You will learn to paint iris as I do here, which also used colours complementary and more about it in the movie.

You will receive ongoing tips and tricks to painting during the film, while guides.

The educational film, Learn to paint a painting in acrylic – Iris in complementary, divided into smaller film, so it’s easy to fast forward and rewind if you order example need to see a colour combination or technique again.

You can choose what size canvas you want to use and is told, what materials are used for this painting.

A great film for those who are in a learning process and whether you are a complete beginner or is in progress, it is a super good

Film Duration ca.55 min. over 2 film.

Buy – – Iris in complementary colour now

Price only 199kr  It`s about 28,5 $ – Or  26,8 Euro – 23 £


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