Learn to paint

Paint naivististic Woman and Bull

Paint naivistiskWoman and bull      Learn to paint

 You learn to paint-naivistic woman and bull on the naivistic stile.

-There Is focus on naïve art as an art form – where you learn to work

with the naive genre of painting-And You are guided step by step

through an acrylic painting-You Learn to paint pictures,

and images because you can use the building for other paintings.-

Teacher Mixing the color mixtures are used exactly in this painting.

In paint naivistic

Where you learn to paint a naivistic woman and bull .

– You also get a lot of trick – They are shared out of tricks and scams during the process.

– And the film is divided into smaller film, so it’s easy to fast forward and rewind,

for example if you need to see a color blend again or a way to paint a portion of the painting on, then you can always go back or forward in the movies.

We work with the genre “Naive theory” as there is a style in painting. Naivisterne often use many colors

and often many strong and cheerful colors in their paintings.

There will also always told little stories in these paintings, and it is usually easy to understand topics being used. – Film Duration approximately 56 minutes divided into 4 smaller films.

– Suitable for all who will be guided and plunge through,

the process is to paint paintings

Bye the movie here for 149 kr. –  It`s only about 22$


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