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Sign easy up on your canvas

Sign easy up on your canvas

Convenient drawing up on your canvasLær at male med akryl.
Do you have any ideas for paintings, but hard to draw it up on your canvas, do not worry, there is help available in this picturesque course. Here you will be helped to draw up a subject on the canvas in a slightly different way than you’re used to.

Focus on the negative space is an online course in which you learn how to draw your issues by focusing on the negative space.

You also learn to work with quite a few colors and through these to mix a lot of other colors and tones.

You are guided through the stroke of a painting and and shared rich out of tips and tricks unde way.

It is a great educational film with visual Majbrit Bartholdy, aimed at anyone who wants to get better at drawing on the canvas, absorbed in painting and become better to paint with acrylic paint.

The film is divided into smaller film, so it is easy to learn and to fast forward and rewind, for example, you will see a passage or a color mixture again.

Prise only 199kr.


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